Do you want to sell your car for cash in Wexford? If you do then take a look at how Used Car Buyer, one of Irelands principal used car dealers, will offer you a trouble-free way to help.

We pay out the cash quickly and will happily provide on offer to you. We buy any car that’s been registered since 2008. Our tried and trusted service has helped many thousands of car owners across Ireland sell their car. If you’ve got a UK imported vehicle or vintage car, we’d also be interested in making you an offer.

How Can I Sell My Car for Cash in Wexford?

You can sell your car the traditional way if you want. But this can be quite stressful and problematic. Especially if you have to organise photographs, place adverts and then have loads of timewasters calling you. Why take the risk when our three-step process will deliver a better result?

  • Provide Your Registration Number

    Tell us the registration number of your car and tell us about the overall condition of the vehicle including the age and mileage. Once you’ve submitted the details we will review the details and prepare your offer. Within 30 minutes you will have our offer and what happens next. The offer will be valid for 3 days so you’ve got time to consider you decision.

  • Visual Vehicle Checks

    If you decide to go ahead, we will then arrange a convenient time to visit you in Wexford to take a look at the vehicle. We need to ensure it matches the description you gave us and we will also take it for a quick drive to make sure it runs ok. A confirmed offer will be made.

  • We Will Pay You the Cash.

    If the offer is acceptable the final step is to complete the payment and transfer the vehicle ownership to Used Car Buyer. This only takes a few minutes as we can use our Garage Code to access to Motortrans to process the immediate exchange of owner’s details. You’ll get the cash and that’s it. The process is complete and we will drive away the vehicle there and then.

Sell My Car For Cash In Wexford Quickly

If you’re looking to sell and get cash for cars in Wexford then get in contact or send us your details. We buy any car and guarantee a quick service from the moment you tell us your details to the moment we hand over the cash. There will be no delays. With Used Car Buyer you benefit from:

  • Over four decades of experience in the motor trade and buy and sell used cars in Wexford and across Ireland. Our efficient process relieves you of the problems of trying to sell your car privately.

  • Our offers are always fair and will be competitive to any potential offers you might receive from selling privately.

  • No hassle-service. We will come to you and inspect the car, make the offer and if you’re happy, the process will be completed immediately. No waiting around.

Get Quick Cash for Selling Your Car Today.

Whatever your reason for selling your car, Used Car Buyer can help you achieve your result. Our stress-free service is guaranteed to provide quick cash without any delays. We usually complete transactions within a few days and in some circumstances, we’ve been able to offer a same day service.

To get the process started, submit your details and we will get back to you quickly with an offer to buy your car for cash wherever you are in Wexford.

We are waiting for you to get in contact with us. In less than an hour we will have your cash offer back to you and what you need to do next. It’s as simple as that.

Our Commitment!

We buy any cars for cash in Wexford and promise to keep our service simple and straight forward to ensure you don’t have to deal with the usual stresses of trying to sell a car privately.

We remove the need for you to worry about photographing the vehicle, writing and placing adverts on car sales websites or auction sites. You won’t need to deal with time wasters who have no intention of buying the car and you won’t have to contend with below value offers and bartering that can occur.

You can be assured that everything is carried our professionally and legally and we will issue you with copies of all the paperwork for your records including transfer documents and a receipt once the funds have been paid to you.

Join the many thousands of people across Ireland who have benefitted from our service and who have taken the easy decision to use the leading used car buyers in Ireland to sell their car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I be better off selling my car for cash privately?

It is possible that you might sell your car for more by doing so privately. However, this is not guaranteed as you will need to deduct any costs you incur for selling the car from the final total you receive. You would also have to contend with time wasting people who may try to negotiate a lower price, which is less than what we would offer.

Do I need to come to you?

No, once you’ve decided that the offer is acceptable, we will travel to you and save you the hassle. We are used car dealers and buy and sell cars for cash across Ireland. Wherever you are, we will come to you and either drive the vehicle away using trade plates or arrange a collection.

How quickly can I sell my car for cash?

That depends on you. We buy cars for cash in Wexford so if you submit your details and like the offer we give you, we could arrange a visit within 3 days to ensure we remain inside the validity period of your offer. If you need to move more quicker than that let us know and we will try to organise an inspection appointment sooner.

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